How to Choose the Perfect Colored Lab Diamond For Your Jewelry?

How to Choose the Perfect Colored Lab Diamond For Your Jewelry?
26 Apr, 2023

What are Fancy-Colored Lab Diamonds?


Colored lab diamonds are real, colored diamonds. They are identical to pink, yellow, or blue diamonds that are extracted from the soil in terms of composition, structure, and appearance. While classic white diamonds have long been popular, colored diamonds are now a popular option for those who wish to show off their unique sense of style. 

Similarly, lab-grown diamonds are in demand as contemporary fashionistas look for inexpensive, environmentally responsible substitutes for naturally mined gemstones. Learn more about Guide Of Colored Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-colored vs Natural Colored


Yes, colored diamonds can be generated artificially or naturally. Lab-grown diamonds are optically identical to natural diamonds and have the same chemical composition as white diamonds. The process of creation and rarity of natural diamonds are the main distinctions between lab-created diamonds vs natural diamonds. Getting some colorful hue stones is the best way to add some beauty to your personal style. 


Understanding of 4cs of colored Lab Diamond

The 4c's are the most important factors they are the deciding factors for the natural diamond, colored lab Diamond, or colorless Lab diamond. These factors show how good Colored Lab Diamond is. 

Cut -

A qualified gem cutter may shape colored diamonds, whether mined or created in a lab, into any shape as long as the rough diamond permits it. Including heart-shaped unique cuts as well as round, princess, emerald, cushion, and pear shapes. Find out the perfect colored lab diamond shape from Gemver.

Carat -

Lab Diamond weight is measured in terms of carat size. It refers to the size of your diamond. As with all diamonds, it's advised to start by selecting the color, clarity, and cut that you like best. After deciding on those elements, you may securely spend the rest of your budget on carats.

Color -

The IGI believes that the color of a fancy-colored diamond is the most significant quality. In contrast, white diamonds are valued more highly for their brilliance and fire. 

Clarity -

The good news is that, in the case of colored lab diamonds, you need not worry about this. A colored lab diamond comes in bigger and has far superior clarity than a mined colored diamond of the same price. 

The Best Certificate for the Color Lab Diamond

IGI is considered the best certificate for Colored Lab Diamonds, selecting the perfect certificate for your colored lab diamond is vital thing as you can trust grading in all aspects like color, clarity, and cut quality mentioned in the certificate. Also, other certificates like GIA and AGS show authentic information. 

Which Color Lab Diamond is best for you? 

It completely relies on your preference and choice, to choose the right color for you; you should consider two factors your skin tone and the symbolism of the color. Each color stone displays a beautiful meaning and symbolism. Lab Diamonds are available in a variety of colors reflecting beautiful hues... 


Understand the durability of your selected diamond

Because they are made of the same substance, pure crystallized carbon, fancy-colored lab-grown diamonds are just as durable as their natural counterparts. The "4Cs" of genuine diamonds, carat weight, cut, color, and clarity, are used to assess durability in synthetic diamonds. The hardness and toughness of a diamond, which in this case is the lab-grown diamond, is 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which are the main factors that influence how long it will last. You can upgrade more informations about lab diamond by reading our blog What is Lab Grown Diamonds?


Where you can get your Ideal colored Lab Diamond  

There are two considerations to keep in mind while selecting a colored lab diamond. First, decide your preferences. Pick the color, cut, and symbolism of the color lab diamond that you like best. Whether it is a gift or an engagement ring. Here at Gemver, our skilled workers can also guide you with your purchase, as we are having the most beautiful collection of color lab diamonds. 

The colors range from blue, yellow, green, brown, to black, and pink all colors are available at Gemver. Get better quality and larger-sized colored lab diamonds for your budget only at our store.  


When you begin your search for the perfect Colored Lab-Grown Diamond, there will be innumerable factors to take into consideration before purchasing, but hopefully, this guide will give you a base to go from. Selecting a colored lab diamond that reflects your personality is something you should choose. Once you know your options and understand the symbolism behind these popular colored lab diamonds, you can start the search for your perfect match. Getting some beautiful colors into life will add a remarkable touch.