Learn About Lab Made Diamonds

Lab Grown diamond term itself justifies the diamond grown in the lab and created with the help of technology. As a result physical, chemically, and optically this diamond resembles a natural diamond. They look as real as the natural diamond, as they display the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle. No one can make the difference between the real natural diamond and the lab-gown ones. Only the person with the high skilled and the gemologist having grading knowledge can recognize the difference. This is the reason for purchasing lab-grown diamond as they will deliver the perfect look just like mined diamonds. 

Lab-grown diamonds have shown a very positive response to the growing economy allowing companies to grow high-quality diamonds among which Gemver is one. They last forever in terms of durability and are 30% less in value compared to Natural diamonds. Both the diamonds are better as there is no comparison made.  These diamonds are new to the industry gaining more and more prominence in the market.

They are a precise favorite for those looking for beautiful engagement rings that are endurable and environmentally friendly, as lab Grown diamonds are also known as friendly diamonds.