Colored Lab-Grown Diamonds: An Understanding Guide

Colored Lab-Grown Diamonds: An Understanding Guide
11 Apr, 2023
Lab Diamonds have always made their place in the world of beautiful stones, while colored Lab Diamonds are also becoming a priority choice for people who want to have a different and unique look. Lab-Grown Colored Diamonds are something that makes your moment flawless with stylish seek affordable, eco-friendly choices in the option of naturally mined gemstones. Here, it is All about Colored Lab Grown Diamonds, read the whole blog for some more interesting information. 

The History of Colored Lab Diamond 

The origins of colored lab-grown diamonds can be traced back to the late nineteenth century when scientists attempted to create synthetic diamonds for the first time. However, commercial production of lab-grown diamonds did not begin until the 1980s, primarily for industrial purposes. In recent years, technological advances have enabled the production of larger, higher-quality lab-grown diamonds in a variety of colors, ranging from yellow and brown to white, and even fancy hues like blue and pink. Lab-grown diamonds are now a popular and ethical alternative to natural diamonds, providing buyers with a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective option without sacrificing quality or beauty. you can read about what is lab grown diamonds?

What are Fancy Color Lab-Grown Diamonds?


Fancy color lab-grown diamonds are man-made diamonds that have been made in a laboratory setting to exhibit vivid and intense hues that are not commonly seen in natural diamonds. These diamonds are often referred to as "fancy-colored diamonds" because of their special and rare colors.
Fancy color lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly widespread as an alternative to natural-colored diamonds, as they offer a more endurable and ethical option for consumers who are concerned about the environmental effect and social significance of the diamond industry. Additionally, lab-grown diamonds are generally more affordable than their natural counterparts, making them available to a wider range of buyers.


How are Fancy Color Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

Colored lab diamonds are made by adding a gas mixture to the CVD reactor and then combining this with specific treatments at the conclusion of the synthesis process. This results in a rich color that would be exceptionally expensive and rare in the natural world.

Popular Color Varieties

Color Lab Diamonds are available in a variety of colors in fact in every shade of the rainbow. Varying from pink to yellow and blue to black, you can see the color that will create a new look for you with sparkling lab diamonds. At Gemver you can find multiple Loose Colored Lab Diamonds, including red, black, orange, pink, purple, and many more. Here, a fancy diamond brings a pinch of shine to your ordinary. 


When it comes to certification for colored fancy lab-grown diamonds, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is widely considered to be the most reputable and reliable certification laboratory in the industry. When purchasing a colored fancy lab-grown diamond, it is advised to choose a diamond with a GIA certificate, as it delivers the most accurate and reliable facts about the diamond's quality and value.

Are Fancy Colored Lab Created Diamonds are Expensive 

fancy colored Lab Diamonds are more reasonable in price than natural-colored diamonds, as they are created in a lab with the help of advanced technology. For example, a moderate 1-ct, natural blue diamond with a medium tone can cost $200,000. In contrast, a lab-created diamond of 1-ct blue color can range on average up to $8,500 per carat. Hereby, lab diamonds are much more affordable stones that have nice quality and are in bigger sizes. 

Facts of Colored Lab Diamonds

• Lab-grown diamonds will price you 30-40% less than a natural diamond of equal size, color, and clarity.
• They are available in almost all types of colors
• Colored lab-grown diamonds are less expensive in comparison with natural-colored diamonds.
• because of advanced technology, the trend of colored Lab diamonds is increasing.
• These stones are eco-friendly and have a smaller impact on the environment than natural diamonds

Where to Buy Fancy Colored Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab Diamonds can be created in every single imaginable hue and intensity, So here if you are in search of an affordable, eco-friendly option to natural diamonds, Gemver's Colored lab diamonds are a perfect choice and hence, one can never go wrong with this choice. When one of our lab-grown diamonds with a fancy hue is paired with an exceptional jewelry piece, it will surely provide you with stunning beauty and make you feel luxury unlike anything else. Explore our Colored Lab Diamond collection and get an exceptional feel of its intrinsic beauty so, before making any decision read "How to Choose the Perfect Colored Lab Diamond For Your Jewelry?" 


Are colored lab-grown diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, Colored Lab Diamonds can be term as real diamonds. The main difference between colored lab diamonds and colored natural diamonds is how they’re made and their rarity. 

Are colored lab-grown diamonds cheaper than natural-colored diamonds?

Yes, Colored Stones are much more reasonable in price when compare with natural diamonds. They cost you 40-50% less in price than mined diamonds. 

What colors of lab-grown diamonds are available?

Shades of brown and yellow are the most familiar fancy color shades available while Red, green, purple, and orange are the rarest color. The most beautiful hue is red which provides the most sizzling look. 

Are lab-grown diamonds ethical?

Yes, these Lab-created diamonds are ethical, endurable, eco-friendly, reasonable, and socially familiar stones. 

How can I tell if a colored diamond is lab-grown or natural?

Here, Natural Diamonds have tiny amounts of nitrogen, while Lab Grown Diamonds have no nitrogen. By considering this point gemologists identify if a diamond is lab-grown or natural.