Understanding the Factors that Affect the Price of Lab Diamond Rings

Understanding the Factors that Affect the Price of Lab Diamond Rings
26 Apr, 2023

What is a Lab-created Diamond?


Lab Diamonds are made up of carbon elements, from their formation process to their physical and chemical properties all things are similar to mined diamonds. Lab Grown Diamonds are grown in the Labs under high-controlled technology. These diamonds are the most affordable options to go with, as lab diamonds are also known as man-made diamonds, engineered diamonds, and cultured diamonds.

4Cs of Lab-Grown Diamonds 

Lab Diamond is a grade on the base of 4cs including Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity. These factors determine the price of the stone in real terms.

Carat -

Lab Diamond of 1 carat will have a lower price when compared to 2 carats of lab diamond, as heavier the diamond carat weight is the price will fluctuate accordingly. Hereby the price of a 1-carat lab-grown diamond would of somewhere around $800-$1,000 and the price of a 2-carat of lab diamond would of between $1,000 and $13,229 depending on the 4 cs.

Cut -

The cut of the lab Diamond is an important factor as the cut makes an impact on the beauty and appearance of the stone, ideal and excellent cut of a lab diamond will get you more reflection and shine than that of a very good and good cut. 

Color -

The color of the lab diamond is based on a grading system formed according to IGI on a scale. The color scale ranges from D to Z. D, E, and F colors of diamonds have a colorless appearance while the Z grade of diamond shows a noticeable yellow or brown tint. 

Clarity -

Here when we are talking about the clarity of lab diamonds, the more clear diamond will the more price will be of that stone. With the stones having fewer inclusions and less grime the price of the stone will eventually increase. Generally, people select VS1 or VS2 clarity of stone as they are eye-clean and cost you less the FL and VVS. 

Metal Type

When purchasing any item of jewelry, metal is one of the factors that determine the price. Silver and gold are the two most popular metal choices for lab-created diamond jewelry. Durability, color, and rarity are just a few of the unique characteristics that each type of metal possesses that affect its price. For instance, silver is a less expensive metal that is less durable than the other two possibilities, whereas yellow gold is a sturdy metal that is more expensive than white gold.

Certification -

The carat weight of the lab diamond and grades for cut, color, and clarity will be included in the grading reports. This enables comparing the stone to other diamonds of different grades simple. The IGI assigns grades to the majority of synthetics. This is due to the higher cost of a GIA-grading report, which may be reflected in the price of a GIA-graded diamond. Lab-grown certified is less costly than that Certified Natural Diamonds.


When you want to have the same sparkle, shine, durability, and fire as mined diamonds, lab diamonds are a fantastic option. Given that lab-grown diamonds are considerably less expensive and are produced responsibly, Gemver offers a wide range of choices to enhance the beauty and sparkle of your event. Additionally, lab diamonds are expertly cut and set in the premium setting of your choice. Hence, Lab diamonds are one of the best alternative options to natural diamonds.